Think It’s Too Late To Snow? Think Again!

Oklahoma City hit 87 degrees yesterday, only two degrees shy of a record high.  Today will be in the 70s, and even when we cool down this weekend, highs will still be in the 60s.  So, do you think we are done with snow in the state?  Yes?  Well, you may want to think again.

The computer models have been consistent the past few days bringing a storm system into the southern Plains early next week.  This system could bring some very beneficial rainfall to Oklahoma from Sunday night into Monday.  One model, the European, predicts upwards of an inch of rain in the state.  It also shows the possibility of snow!  Take a look at these model images for next Monday from the European:


The blue, green and yellow blobs over Oklahoma represent rainfall.  But look for the dashed blue line that is marked 540.  That line would be the dividing line between rain and snow.  Everything along and north of the 540 line would be snow, and everything south of it would be a cold rain. 

Notice how on the last image, the 540 line extends all the way into central Oklahoma.  Could it mean snow for Oklahoma City?  Could be.  The highest chance of any snow will be northwest Oklahoma.  It’s more likely that it will just be a cold rain for central Oklahoma, which would be fine.  That would lower the fire danger, and bring much-needed moisture to a drought stricken state.

Even if there is snow, it would not last, and it would likely not cause too many travel problems given the warm ground temperatures.  Here’s hoping that we at least get a nice soaking….whether it be rain or snow.



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