Ready to Bloom!

We all know it’s been a tough past few months here in Oklahoma and in Texas. The fires, the winds, the drought…and now… the wildflowers..or lack of! I know I blog a lot about flowers, but to me, the spring flowers are a good visual of the weather we just experienced. A poor showing of flowers usually means you had a dry fall and winter. A good showing of wildflowers usually means you had a very wet fall, a cool and wet winter. Sadly, this spring season will likely remind me of just how dry this past fall was.

There is still hope for a good bloom of flowers, mainly Indian Paintbrush and Texas Bluebonnets, but our time is running out. What we need is a good soaking rainfall and mild temperatures. This week may help the flowers, but chances of rain won’t help. We need to see the rain actually come down.

So, what is my outlook for the spring season when it comes to wildflowers? The ongoing drought and the lack of rain that we had in the fall prevented many seeds from germinating and laying down a root system for the winter season. And while I don’t expect this season to be a complete dud, I do believe that the this wildflower season will be less impressive than last year. The good news out of all of this is that last year, numerous seeds were dropped from the flowers. The wildflower seeds that we see here in Oklahoma and Texas are prepared to handle our extreme weather conditions. Because of that, they have a coating on them that needs to see plenty of rainfall to weather it down so that it can sprout. So, if we have a dry season, then all will be ok for the seed to remain safe and ready to go once we get the right conditions.

If you are getting the itch to see a good field of blooms, there are reports around Dallas and south towards The Hill Country of some fields of Bluebonnets starting to show decent color.



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