Threats Of Fires And Severe Storms

Sunday in Oklahoma will be one of those days where parts of the state has to worry about fires, and other parts could see a severe storm.  Without a doubt, the greatest risk will be for fires, especially in western Oklahoma.

A red flag warning is in effect for Sunday for the western quarter of the state, while a fire weather watch is in effect for parts of western and central Oklahoma just east of the warning.  The situation involves an eastward moving dryline.  Behind, or west of the dryline, the relative humidity will be very low.  Combined with temperatures in the 80s and 90s and strong southwesterly winds, we’ll have a serious fire situation on our hands.  Please don’t burn anything tomorrow!!  NOTHING!

East of the dryline, it’s possible to see a couple of thunderstorms developing Sunday evening.  If they can get going, they’ll likely be severe with large hail and damaging winds.  However, temperatures in the mid levels of the atmosphere will be quite warm, and that will limit the chances of any storms.  Right now, I’d say the best chance of storms will be in north central Oklahoma after 7:00 pm tomorrow.

Also be aware that a very strong cold will move through Oklahoma on Monday dropping temperatures from the 80s and 90s into the 50s.  The chillier weather won’t last long as a quick warm up is expected by mid-week.  Another storm system will approach Oklahoma by the end of the week with a chance of thunderstorms and perhaps some severe weather.



One Response

  1. To: Rusty McCranie,
    Fellow gator:
    I read your input about the no name storm in CR 3/13/1993
    and was wondering if you recall any damage being done to
    the CR Nuke plant? As you may know, the plant has been
    down for 18 months due to cracks or “delaminations” in the
    concrete. Quite, frankly, I would like to know how much
    water got into the plant during the NO NAME STORM.
    Perhaps none and perhaps as much as three to six feet.
    Obtaining data for that storm is somewhat difficult.

    Thank you,
    Bob Williams
    Gainesville, Fl

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