How Did The Drought Get This Bad?

Yes, we all know that Oklahoma has been dealing with a drought. It’s going from bad to worse. But, how in the world did it get to this point? So far this year, OKC has seen everything from wind, to fire, to some rain and a lot of snow. And believe it or not, the snow we had in February, although it may have been a mess to drive in, was actually very beneficial to us. Check this out:

So far this year, if you look at all the precipitation we have received, it doesn’t amount to much. Only 2.22 inches, which is over 4 inches below normal. But, break down that 2.22 inches of precipitation and you’ll see that 0.85″ of that came from the snow this past February. So, that means that about 1.50″ of the yearly precipitation has come from rainfall. Yikes! That’s not a lot at all. No wonder we have been dealing with these fires.

And even when you look back to last year, in December, we only had 0.13″ of rain and in November, 0.94″. As a matter of fact, the last time we had above normal rainfall in a month was back in July. Yup, that is how the drought got this bad. And you can thank La Nina for just about all of it.



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