What Is La Nina Doing Now?

La Nina, the thing that started it all. And by that I mean, THE DROUGHT! There have been many signs that La Nina is now weakening, and that would mean great news in getting rain back into Oklahoma. So, where does it (La Nina) stand now?  For those that don’t know, La Nina is when we notice the waters in The Pacific Ocean cooler than normal. This past winter, temperatures in The Pacific were anywhere from 2-6 degrees below normal. And through a number of other things going on globally, this allowed storms systems to remain well north of The Southern Plains and was one of the main reasons why we were so dry. – PS: THIS IMAGE BELOW SHOULD BE ANIMATING.

Pay attention to how the darker blue colors begin to diminish and the the overall coverage of “blue shading” begins to decrease as well. The blue, which denotes below normal temperatures is becoming less obvious and thus is an indicator that La Nina is weakening. So, if La Nina is weakening, then why haven’t we noticed it yet here across Oklahoma? The problem is that La Nina and El Nino are really only felt fully during the winter months. So, our rain chances will be improving over the next few months but nothing changes overnight and we’ll have to take babysteps into getting our rain back in here.



2 Responses

  1. Hello Damon,
    What is up with the big red blob East of Australia? Shouldn’t that be really cold water down there? At least colder than the equator?


    • Hey Dee, actually… the map shows the departure from normal and not the actual sea surface temperature. So, yes, the water may be cooler down there, but compared to normal, it may be above normal. Make sense?? – Damon

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