Ever Heard of Carolina Alley?

Ever heard of Carolina Alley? Hoosier Alley? Dixie Alley? If you answered “no, no and no” then you’re not alone. Yes, we are all aware that Oklahoma lies within the infamous “tornado alley”, but there is more than just one “tornado alley” out there. Don’t believe me? Check this out…

That’s right, there are 4 regions in The United States that are prone to seeing tornadoes. But, despite the fact that there may be 4 of them, each “alley” is completely different than the other. For example, here in tornado alley, we’re likely to experience thunderstorms that are called “LP Supercells”. The LP stands for, ” low precip.” and means that tornadoes can be spotted miles away and often move rather slowely.

Once you get into Dixie Alley, Hoosier Alley and even Carolina Alley, then you start to experience storms known as “HP Supercells”, or “High Precip storms” which means that tornadoes are often wrapped in rain and cannot be detected as easily.

So, how have these tornado alleys done so far this year?? Check out the list of tornado reports for 2011:

No doubt about it, Dixie Alley and Carolina Alley have been hammered. But, if you think Tornado Alley is going to stay quiet, think again. We’re about to head into the peak of our tornado season in the next 8 weeks.



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