Tornado Reports So Far…

If you’re keeping track at home on which states have seen the most twisters, then this graphic above may surprise you some. Yes, that’s right, North Carolina, home of “red-neck hockey”, Tarheels, and Southern Style BBQ where vinegar is used as the main source for BBQ sauce is now claiming to hold the current title as “TORNADO CHAMPION”. 98 tornado reports so far, mostly coming from this past Saturday’s storms.

Oklahoma has now officially registered its first tornado of the year, which came in on Thursday. It was the 3rd latest we’ve ever gone into the year without a tornado report.

Will these rankings hold up? Likely not, but it is impressive to see a state, especially the size of North Carolina to already have almost 100 reports this early into the year. How unbelievable is this? The state usually only averages 19 tornadoes a year. Wow!



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