April 27th Tornado Outbreak Preliminary Comparison…

Everyone is asking about the comparison of this weeks Tornado Outbreak to that of May 3, 1999.  Well so far, what we do know is just bases on fatalities, the Tornado Outbreak east of us on April 27, 2011, was worse.  The damage assessments are still being conducted as we speak, so we will know more in days to come. The number of fatalities on April 27th, far exceeds that of May 3, 1999, even including the Tornadoes that were part of that outbreak in other states in 99′.  The May 3 tornado outbreak in Oklahoma took 43 lives and 10 more in other states.  So far the death toll from the April 27th Tornado Outbreak is nearing 300.  This could be the 2nd most deadly Tornado outbreak ever.  The most deadly is the Tri-State Tornado on March 18, 1925 that killed 695 people.  The Tri-State Tornado was on the ground for 219 miles, and one thing that is notable is how long the Tornado that hit Tuscaloosa stayed on the ground as well. The official information has not been compiled but this tornado may have been on the ground more than 150 miles, however it may have lifted up at times. What needs to be assessed is how strong it was at each point in its evolution.  These are just some of the questions that need to be answered before we make a final comparison.  The May 3,1999 tornado was on the ground for 38 miles straight at one point but lifted up in other areas before and after that stretch.  Here is a look at the graphic from May 3, 1999, the strongest Tornado that I detailed in this blog is indicated by Storm A in dark green.

We will know more in a few weeks when the damage assessment is done.



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