Wednesday Severe Weather

Wednesday is shaping up to be Oklahoma’s first good shot at severe weather from the west to the east. Yes, we have had our severe weather days, but they have been primarily for Eastern Oklahoma and excluded those west of I-35. This event looks to be something for just about the whole state (except The Panhandle). Moisture and shear will be enough to support supercells and storms that could stretch from Kansas all the way to Texas.

So, what are we looking at here? The main three, tornadoes, lightning and large hail could be a good bet with any storm that develops on Wednesday. Right now, the timing is kinda of an issue in my eyes. We could have some storms early in the day on Wednesday in Southern Oklahoma that could pose a small risk for severe weather. But, the main event that we’re looking at here likely wouldn’t begin until the afternoon on Wednesday. Perhaps around 1:00­-4:00pm. Timing though will still be an issue as well as dryline placement.

Western Oklahoma looks to be the area where storms will likely develop before heading east/northeast.

After Wednesday, rain does return into the forecast for the weekend, but right now, the severe weather threat looks low for now.



3 Responses

  1. Damon,

    For the event on Wednesday, when are we looking at storms in OKC. Are you saying initiation out west between 2:00-4:00 or is that the time you’re anticipating them being in OKC? I’m thinking about the 5:00 commute. Also, are we talking widespread storms or just a few?

    Thanks for clarifying,


  2. Damon, does this look like a significant severe weather outbreak? I have seen some models showing us in a moderate elevated risk.

  3. I live 5 miles north of Seminole and we have lots of thunder, lightning and wind
    right now.

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