Get Ready for More Rain!

Welcome to May, the wettest month of the entire year! Well, so it’s suppose to be at least. For Oklahoma City, we’re right in the ballpark of what is considered normal for the month, but Western Oklahoma continues to struggle. Fortunately, there is some good news in the near future. So, how bad do we need the rain?

In Oklahoma City, and anyone west of I-35, we need the rain. And, we need it to come in here fast. Our departure from normal is running anywhere in the 6-10 inch rain. And, from now until the end of June, we typically average about 10 inches of rain. Good news!  Relief is headed this way in about 48 hours!

A low pressure system will get caught in The Central Plains and spin around for a few days keeping rain chances alive and well starting Wednesday afternoon and into Friday at least. It’s still difficult to see exactly where the rainline will begin out west, but for now, it seems safe to say that the entire main body of the state will have rain chances just about. The models do squeeze out about .75 inches of rain in Western Oklahoma, almost 2 inches near Lawton (where the drought is exceptional) and about an inch or so for OKC.


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