Tornado Season A Dud?

It’s weird to think that in about a month, the Oklahoma severe weather season may unofficially come to an end. What’s even weirder is to look at the map above of the tornado reports and see not a single tornado report in Western Oklahoma. Am I complaining? No, but it is an eyebrow raiser.

And now, here we are, midway through the month of May, which is our busiest tornado month of the year and Oklahoma has yet to register a tornado.

So, would you call this season a dud? I guess it depends on who you ask. If you talk to those in Eastern Oklahoma, by all means…no it’s not a dud. If you talk to those in Western Oklahoma, then they are likely scratching their heads asking ” what in the world is going on?”.

So, what is going on? There is no one deciding factor that tells us why this year has been quiet. But, rather, a number of things. We probably could tie it all to La Nina. La Nina brought on the drought, the drought made for very little evapotranspiration, which has kept the storms from initiating along the dryline. (True, this only accounts for part of it). Is this season a dud? According to The Oklahoma Mesonet , April saw a record number of tornadoes and the truth is that we still do have a month of our severe season to go. Just one outbreak could send this month over the top, but it will take a lot of work. Either or, I am not putting my guard down just quite yet,and neither should you.



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  1. I have to say that I am thankful for having to hear about families losing their homes and business due to a tornado. I know that Mother Nature has to vent her built up rage aginst man kind, but it is a little more heart warming to know that she is not out to get us that bad yet. Being Oklahoma I will not be suprised if she has more in store for us, but until then I think I will sit back and watch the wicked light show out my window and be happy.

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