Who Said It Was Spring?

Did someone say it was spring? It may be feeling like it here in Oklahoma, but our storm system that will impact us later this week not only will bring with it a chance for severe storms in The Central Plains, but snow, and lots of it to a place that doesn’t need to see any more, and that’s in Colorado.

1-2 feet of snow will likely fall in Colorado in elevations above 7500 feet. And, if you read the blog below, then you’ll see the reason why this may not be such a good thing.

So, why should we look at what’s going on in Colorado to see what may happen here in Oklahoma? Severe storms need that cold air aloft to thrive. And so if thisstorm is able to produce that much snow in Colorado at 7500 feet, then there is a chance that we could see that amount of cold air spill over into The Plains. If this can happen, then we could see some severe storms, especially by the end of the week.


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