2011 Tornadoes So Far

We knew earlier this year that we had the potential to see a higher than normal tornado year. La Nina weather events tend to produce more tornadoes than an El Nino year and thus, if past history is any indicator of future performance, then we had a hunch that there could be a few outbreaks this year. Of course, we didn’t want to see what we have seen though, which is an estimated of almost 1400 tornado reports.

So, here are a few stats to keep in mind about this years tornadoes. Of the 1400 tornado reports, 995 of been confirmed.

The graphic above shows the ratings that have been assigned to the tornadoes so far this year (though many have not been assigned ratings yet). And while May is usually the most active tornado month of the entire year, April will likely hold that title as this May has been slightly below average with the tornado reports. On average, May sees 322 tornadoes, and while our preliminary count is 323, it’s important to remember that many of those reports are duplicates.




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