Holy Rainfall…..!

May has certainlly lived up to its standards here in Oklahoma City and then some. It’s the month that is suppose to be wetter than any other month of the entire year. Has it? You know it!

We have seen more rain this month than what we saw from August all the way to April combined. That’s right, more rain in the last 4 weeks than what we had for the last 8 months. May has been good to us in the rainfall department (not the severe dept though.) and because of the rain, we have seen drastic improvements to our drought. So, how is the drought looking now with all the rain?

For Oklahoma City, Moore and Norman, the drought has seen a huge improvement and is now listed as the weakest drought you can have. (ABNORMALLY DRY). And even the coverage of the EXCEPTIONAL DROUGHT, which is the worst you can have, has seen a major pullback with only Western Oklahoma and portions of The Panhandle seeing the worse drought conditions. 3 months ago, 100% of the state had some form of a drought going on. Today, that number has been lowered to only 68% of the state seeing a drought.

And as long as we can keep the rains coming in June, then we should continue to see the drought improve by a lot (that is, if it falls west of I-35). The average rainfall for June is about 4.6 inches.




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