Are We Done With Tornado Season?

Tornado season came into Central Oklahoma fairly quickly ( remember most of our tornadoes were in Eastern Oklahoma until early May), but just as fast as it got here, it seems to have now moved out of here. As we head closer to the start of summer, we begin to watch tornado alley shift north into The Northern Plains.

Each part of The United States experiences severe weather during various times of the year. For most of us, our most active weather comes during the spring months, though anyone along the coast is capable of being hit by a tropical system during the summer. And ofcourse summer monsoon season that hits New Mexico and Arizona starting in July.  But, now it’s The Northern Plains time to become more tornado aware, from The Dakotas to Nebraska to Northern Kansas.

You get the point, our most active weather is coming to an end. And now, we start to focus on storms that will develop in Eastern Colorado during the hot afternoons of summer and then move southeast towards Oklahoma late at night. These storms are primarily winds producers and can contain some small hail.

So, is it safe to say our tornado season has come to an abrupt end? I would lean towards yes!



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