Did Someone Say Summer?

Ah, the days of summer are not that far away. Or, perhaps they are already here. So, is there any relief in sight from the heat? Most likely….no. But, just to verify, here is a look at your 8-14 day outlook.

Looking at the 8-14 day outlook can be somewhat tricky as to the words we use. For the counties shaded in red, this doesn’t mean that we will have ABOVE NORMAL TEMPERATURES, it just means that there is a higher likelihood that we could see them, but that it’s not a guarantee. The EQUAL CHANCES that is written on the map is basically a term that is used when the models are not in agreement on leaning towards normal, above or below normal temperatures. So, what this means here is that it’s “too close to call” and that more time and more model runs are necessary before we can get a better idea as to what is happening.

As for the rain chance over the next few weeks. It could be better…

Southern and Southwestern Oklahoma look to have a good chance of seeing BELOW NORMAL RAINFALL while the rest of us as still on that line of what is considered “TOO CLOSE TO CALL”. Our biggest challenge right now is forecasting how far south a cold front can make it and for now, we’re still needing more model runs to help give us an idea as to whether we could see the rain return or not. June is still a wet month for us, so this isn’t to say that Southern Oklahoma won’t see any rainfall over the next 8-14 days, it just means that the rain that “could” fall may remain below normal.



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