Arizona Smoke Arrives in Oklahoma

A fire the size of New York City is going bonkers in Arizona right now and the smoke from the fire is now starting to move into Oklahoma. The image above was actually taken yesterday afternoon (today’s MODIS Satellite has not made a sweep over Arizona yet, so the image is not available). The satellite image above is a raw image, so I had to add a few locaters in there, such as where Oklahoma City is, the fire is located about an inch northwest of where I wrote “ARIZONA WILDFIRE” and the milky white color that is spreading east and northeast from the fire is smoke.

If you look closely, you can see the milky color spreading east/northeast and as of this morning, satellite images were showing the smoke moving out of The Oklahoma Panhandle and into Western Oklahoma. The smoke will continue to move east/northeast as the upper-level winds control the direction.

So, if the sky looks somewhat “hazy” this afternoon/evening. It’s mainly from the Arizona fires. The fire has already been deemed the 2nd largest in Arizona state history and has consumed around 230,000 acres.



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