Arizona Smoke Update

I did a blog below showing the visible satellite of the Arizona fire and the smoke that was moving into The Central Plains. I was actually amazed when I saw the latest visible shot on how thick/dense the smoke really is. The image above was taken around 2:00pm today and notice the gray smoke across The Central Plains. That right there is all from the Arizona fire. The fact that the smoke is that dense, from a source about a thousand miles away is unreal.Visibility has dropped in places like Guymon, Garden City, Liberal to under 3.00 miles, which is quite low for smoke.

Of course, you may be wondering why the smoke is so dense across Kansas, Western Oklahoma and West Texas, but not in New Mexico. It appears that the presence of a small cap/ level of warmer air aloft, may be preventing the smoke to remain over New Mexico while the absense of a cap in Kansas, Western Oklahoma and West Texas is allow the smoke, and even a few cumulus clouds, to move through.

Either or, this image here is quite impressive. To see the smoke as thick as it is, from a source so far away. Even enough to substantially block out the sun. If the sky looks hazy over the next day or so, then this would be why.



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