Geomagnetic Storm Unfolding…

It’s not something you see everyday. But, it certainly is cool. According to The Space Weather Prediction Center, a dramatic eruption, known as a Geomagnetic Storm, occurred earlier today on the sun that is expected to impact us earthlings by Wednesday beginning as early as the lunch time hour. The “disturbance” is hauling at a speed of 3.1 million mph.

So, what is a Geomagnetic Storm? I’m so glad you asked! A Geomagnetic Storm starts from an eruption on the sun known as a Coronal Mass Ejection which then passes through the Earths magnetosphere (magnetic field). As this eruption passes through space, it interacts with the magnetic field and begins to transfer a higher than normal amount of energy close to earth . This means that there is a good chance that we could experience a small disruption in radio and radar as well as in magnetic compasses and the possibility of seeing the “Northern Lights” at much lower latitudes. The Northern Lights are typically confined to Canada, but sometimes, during intense Geomagnetic Storms, can reach as far south as Texas. Right now, the Space Weather Prediction Center is not expecting The Northern Lights to move into Oklahoma, and given the fact that it will be noon when the disturbance reaches earth, it will be too light to see anyways.

The sun is currently going through an active period in it’s 11 year solar weather cycle.

Either or, grab a blanket..cause this is gonna be cool. (OK, bad joke there).



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