What’s The Sun Doing Now?

It’s hot..you dummy. OK, I know the sun is hot, and it’s shining on me as we speak. But, the sun and earth are actually doing something that happens once a year, and it’s heading there as we speak. The earth is tilting allowing the sun to head northbound toward the Tropic of Cancer and will be there in less than a week. So, what changes will we notice from today, compared to next Tuesday(the first day of summer)? Well, from a visual standpoint, probably not much. But, from a scientific viewpoint, the changes the  earth and sun are going through as we speak are quite cool.

After the first day of winter, in which the sun is at it’s lowest point in the sky, it begins to head back north, higher in the sky as the earth tilts, reaching directly over the equator on the spring solstice, and continuing to move north until June 21st. So, leading up, we are seeing the sun just a few degrees south of The Tropic of Cancer. This means that the sun is approaching the highest point in the sky and thus, the most direct sunrays that we will experience for the year. The sun angle on Oklahoma City will be approaching 78.5 degrees overhead, which is quite high. After next Tuesday, the sun will begin to lower itself and the sun angle on Oklahoma will not be as direct. The sun will continue to lower itself on the horizon until the first day of winter, when the angle on us will only be 31.5 degrees. You get all that?



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