100 Degree Heat Returns

It’s official, Oklahoma City has hit 100 degrees at least once for 2011. We knew it was going to happen, it was just a matter of when it was going to happen. If you recall, last year, we didn’t hit 100 degrees in OKC until the very last day of July ( during the hottest week of the entire year climatologically). So, how many of these 100 degree days can we expect? The 5 year running average says that we usually see about 2 weeks of 100 degree heat scattered throughout the year. Some years have more, some years have slightly less.

Last year we had exactly 14 days of 100 degree temperatures. Most were bunched up from July 31st to mid-August. And, back in 2006, we literally had over a months worth of 100 degree days. And, if you’re old enoughto remember, back in 1936 we once had a stretch of 22 100 degree days in a row.

So, here we are….it’s not even summer yet, and we already have a 100 degree day in OKC under our belt. For those in Western Oklahoma, I know we have a handful already. But, given the drought and recent trend, don’t be surprised if we hit 14-16 100 degree days this year.  But hey, it’s not the heat…it’s the humidity right?



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