Ever Heard of Hail Alley?

We’ve heard of tornado alley, but what about hail alley? Don’t worry, you’re not alone if you’re hearing this for the first time. First, what exactly *is* hail alley? I mean, just about every location in the lower 48 has experienced hail at some point. But, there is an area that is more likely to experience hail than others. Check out the graphic below:

The areas shaded in red are most likely to experience hail. And, for the most part, it makes sense. From Oklahoma to Nebraska, that makes sense, but what about Wyoming or even Colorado? Actually, it makes perfect sense from a weather standpoint. Remember, hail is nothing more than raindrops frozen into chunks of ice. Thus, areas north, near The Rockies are most likely to see hail since the elevation is higher, closer to the freezing level in the atmosphere. Cheyenne, Wyoming holds the title as being the most “hail-prone city” in America where it averages 10 days a year of hail. However, the area that holds the title for the most prone to experience large hail is closer than you think..that is, if you’re reading this in Oklahoma.

That’s right, Central Oklahoma is most likely to experience large hail (bigger than quarters) with 8-9 events on average annually. Hail alley is usually active in The Southern Plains during the spring months, but holds off until the summer for places like Colorado and Wyoming, Either or, I think Oklahoma City knows a thing or two about hail…



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