Good Grief…

You know what they say about streaks? No one really pays attention until you’re well into it. Take baseball, no one ever says( or even notices) that you have a streak going on until you begin to hit some magical numbers. Batters don’t care if you have a 5 game hitting streak. But, once you get to around 20 or so, you begin to raise eyebrows.  Well, I suppose the same goes for the weather as well. No one ever says anything about above or below normal temperatures until you begin to reach a magical number. Usually it’s 7 days or so when you begin to notice something. Or, maybe it’s 14 days. But, check this out… Oklahoma City now has a streak going on with above normal temperatures! So far, 23 days in a row (and it’ll likely go to 25 days).

The last time OKC had a below normal day was back on May 26th when our high hit 76°, our low 55°, thus making the day 5° below normal. Since then, we’ve been hot! Every single day this month has been above normal with a high temperature of 90° or above. Our average temperature right now has been 83.1° (7.7° above normal). At this pace, we are on track to see our 3rd warmest June. Last June, we had our 10th warmest June on record. Fo’ Sizzle…..



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