Ready for More Heat?

We are now heading out of June and by the looks of it, this could be the hottest week Oklahoma City has experienced so far. That is, if this cold front that is moving through as we speak does something that the weather models are not expecting it to. Check out the record highs for this week:

Certainly some impressive record high with the “coolest” record high being 102°. Yesterday morning, the weather models were thinking that the front moving in today was going to arrive much later in the afternoon and perhaps send our records close to or exceeding the all-time June high. Fortunately, the front is moving a bit faster and will prevent us from hitting 107°. But, by the end of the week…we get rid of the front…and this happens:

The front moves out and high pressure bounces back this way towards Oklahoma, literally right overhead late Wednesday/Early Thursday. That means our weather will return to being hot after a comfortable “cool down” for Tuesday. Those records for Thursday and Friday could fall. When will it ever end?



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