Holy Dewpoint Depression!

We know that up until today in Oklahoma, it’s been hot and dry. But, check out these stats from Las Vegas that were taken yesterday around 4:30pm.

Yes, it was hot, but it’s Vegas, it’s always hot. And, it’s usually dry, but not this dry! Check out the dew point temperature, ­­-22° ! That’s right…. ­-22°! The difference between the air temperature and the dew point is known as the dew point depression. In Oklahoma, we consider it to be dry when our dew point depression is around 40 degrees. But, in this case, the dew point depression in Vegas reached 129 degrees! 129 DEGREES! With an air temperature of 107° and a dew point of -22 degrees made for an all time record dew point depression that made the relative humidity less than 1%. The previous record dew point depression was 120 degrees. But hey, with the dry air, the heat index was only 97°. If you’re a weather nut like me, then this right here may be the coolest stat you’ll ever find.



One Response

  1. That’s incredible. A couple years ago, I was out there in July when daily temps were around 110 with dewpoints in the 20s. It was so dry that, by the third day, I had to deal with nosebleeds. I can’t imagine having to breath air that dry for any extended period of time.

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