Does Your Lawn Need Water?

Wouldn’t you love it if your lawn looked like the pic above?? I sure would. But, you could have a lawn that looks like that if you just knew how to water your lawn. If you are watering your lawn more than once a week, then you’re doing it all wrong. I’ll explain…

Many Oklahoma homes have bermudagrass on the lawn. The beauty of bermudagrass is how drought tolerant it is. It needs very little water (maybe 1 inch a week). But, there are certain rules to watering your lawn. Bermudagrass grows roots down to 6 inches, which is where most of the water is absorbed. One of the biggest problems is that some people turn on the sprinklers for 10-15 mins at a time, 4 days a week when all that is necessary is 1 day a week for about 20 mins or so. When you water frequently, but don’t let the water absorb down to the root, you waste water by only keeping it near the surface and then watching it evaporate.When you water longer, but less, you allow the water to absorb into the ground. Doing so, in the early morning hours is key. Rememeber, during a drought if you water, you need to water smart.

So, how much water is good for your lawn? Here is a link provided by the Oklahoma Mesonet that will provide you with tons of information and then the cost to keep your lawn looking green. Happy Lawncare folks!



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  1. Damon, thank you for the recommendation of the web site. What an awesome site. Takes the guess work out of when and how much to water. I love it! This should be more widely advertised.

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