Moore, OK: Most Tornado Prone City?

Is it really true? Is Moore, Oklahoma the most tornado prone city in America? That depends on who you ask and how you’re keeping track. Tornadoes have been crossing across Central Oklahoma for as long as we know and Oklahoma City has certainly been impacted more than once.

If you look at past records, Oklahoma City actually has been deemed the most “tornado-prone” city in America. But, could an argument be made for the most tornado prone community within the OKC limits? Certainly every town/community has been impacted by a tornado or two, but does Moore really hold the title? Check out the tornado tracks across the OKC below:

Moore, on the bottom of the screen has been crossed by a number of tornadoes since the late 1800s.

It’s been documented that 16 tornadoes have struck Moore. (6 of those within the last 10 years). Edmond has seen about 8, Piedmont has seen about 8 as well. Midwest City has recorded about 10 and then Oklahoma City itself (not including the Metro Cities), in the ballpark of 100. So, if we exclude OKC due to the size of the city limits, then is it true… is Moore the tornado capital of Oklahoma?

This topic has been debatable since an article ran yesterday here ( ) and there could be some evidence that support the claim that Moore has seen more tornadoes than other towns. But, to be more exact, I believe the tornado to square-mile ratio is what really was meant in the article.

And Harold Brooks was right in the article. Moore doesn’t attract tornadoes..instead it just seems to have more bad luck than other cities. Simple as that…


PS- Does it surprise you that of all the tornadoes that hit America this year, that Moore didn’t experience one?


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