Hotter Than….

I can hear it now… the late night jokes of ” It’s been so hot that…. trees are begging for dogs to come over”.

OKC has not recorded 21 100° plus days this year. Sounds a lot? It is! Especially when you compare that to cities that are known for seeing the heat. Phoenix has had 39 100° plus days so far thie year, but if you compare us to Las Vegas, then OKC has had more..that’s right… MORE 100° plus days than the biggest city in the Mojave Desert.

Of course, nothing can beat the temperatures that are usually seen in Death Valley, but a recent thermometer glitch has not allowed us to see how hot it’s been there. ( The last temperature reading came from June, which read 14°).

Is the desert moving east? Most likely no… but, it sure feels like.



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