Hittin’ The Road Soon?

We all know the heat has taken it’s toll on us and our utility bill, but don’t forget it’s also taking a major toll on your car and especially your tires! Have you seen the warning lights above on recently? Many of you probably have not since it indicates when you have low tire pressure which is typical in the winter and cold temperatures. But, the heat lately is also playing a big role on your tires.

When the air is cold, your  tires lose pressure and thus, you lose the ability for your car and tires to handle the road properly. (You also lose on fuel mileage too…). So, when the summer heat rolls in, the temperatures will likely cause the pressure to rise in your car, expanding your tires and leading to over-inflation.

For every 10° change in your temperature, your tires will likely experience a change of 1 psi (pounds per square inch).  That means that throughout the day, from the morning to the evening, your tires may experience a change n about 2-3 psi. No biggie really. But, that’s assuming that you have checked your tire pressure since this heat wave started. For many of you, the last time you may have checked your tires was back during the winter or even the spring. If that’s the case, then you may be headed down to” tire repair land” if you don’t watch out. Look at any busy road and you’re bound to see remnants of a tire here and there. The reason? Most likely because someone didn’t pay attention to the tire pressure in their tires.

So, how should you check your tires to make sure they are safe and you don’t run the risk of a blow out? The best time to check your tires is early in the morning or 3 hours after you have stopped driving. DO NOT CHECK YOUR TIRES RIGHT AFTER YOU’RE DONE DRIVING. If you check your tires after you’ve been driving for a while, you’ll likely record an inaccurate reading as the molecules in the tire are still bouncing all over the place. Allow the air in the tires to calm down and then check.

It’s as simple as that. A quick check in your tires could potentially save you from being stranded in the middle of nowhere.



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