Holy Heat Wave!

Think it’s been hot just here in Oklahoma? Think again! The heat wave that we’ve been dealing with is expanding north and east. EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNINGS AND ADVISORIES extend north all the way to The US/Canada Line. Places that are known for severe cold and now seeing extreme heat. Duluth, MInnesota, just the other day recorded highs in the mid 90s and dew point temperatures that have only been met one other time. On July 17th from 4pm-7pm, Duluth hit a dew point of 77°, the 2nd highest dew point reading ever which lead to a heat index of 118°.

In Canada, a HUMIDEX ADVISORY is in effect for Southern Saskatchewan as the humidity is expected to rise in the afternoon and push the HUMIDEX values over 40. For those curious about what the HUMIDEX is, it’s a unit-less number that is used by Canadian Meteorologists to determine how the heat and humidity will feel. SImilar to America’s version of “The Heat Index”. A humidex over 40 is considered to cause “great discomfort” with anything over 45 deemed “dangerous”. The highest humidex number ever calculated was 53.0 in Carman, Manitoba. But, residents wouldn’t have known this since the humidex wasn’t ‘technically’ invented at this time.



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  1. Good to see you return making posts. The weekend are always the most dreadful with no post. lol

    The heat is taking a toll on me. I can’t go outside for more than a few minutes. Instant dizzy and headache. I’ve thrown up 3x the past weekend. 😦

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