Is La Nina Returning?

It’s the worst news anyone can hear when it comes to making a forecast during the states worst drought. LA NINA! La Nina, the mess that started all of this is characterized as a cooling of ocean waters in The Pacific Ocean. It displaces weather patterns causing some places to get drenched with rain and leaves The Southern Plains thirsty for rain. La Nina is being blamed for the onset of this massive drought.

About 6 weeks ago, it seemed like there was hope as La Nina conditions in The Pacific Ocean had vanished allowing us to finally see the possibility that we could return to a normal weather pattern and see the rains return and the drought eased. While officially we don’t have a “La Nina” episode going on, it seems that the weather pattern has still resembled “La Nina”. Sadly, the outlook now is one that doesn’t paint a pretty picture for Oklahoma. That is, if we go off of what some of the computer models are thinking.

It’s not official, but some of the longer range models are showing that we could see a return of La Nina by the fall of 2011. If this were to occur, then the impacts on Oklahoma would be HUGE! The drought would continue to get worse, the lake levels would continue to lower and the fire season would be far worse than what we had this past winter. Other models are indicating that we may not see a return of La Nina this winter. Either or, we need rain and even better, would be to see a strong El Nino set up. If this were to be the case, then Oklahoma would get drenched with rain. Pray for El Nino!





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