The Most Impressive Record of All…

Over the past few weeks, we’ve talked about streaks, record highs, etc. But, this record right here may be the most impressive record of all. The hottest July on record..scratch that…. the hottest month ever!  If you take our morning low temperature and our afternoon high, it averages out this month to be 89.3°. That’s one degree over the previous record for hottest July ever. Of course, this is a moving number and won’t be official until the month is over.

So, will we break this record? Most likely yes! If you do the math with our high every day being around 102° and our low of 78°, then that would average out to about 90 degrees, and keep us on pace for the hottest July ever. As for the hottest month ever..that too could be met this month. The warmest monthly temperature ever came in August of 1936 when our average monthly temperature was 88.7°.

We very well could set a record for hottest month ever on record. Only 155 days until winter…



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