2011 vs. 1980 Heat

It’s Hot! OK..so we know that. Some of you reading this may remember the year 1980…so of you may not. But, if you do remember 1980, then you’ll know that summer was hotter than anything you’ve ever experienced in Oklahoma City. That was the year we hit 100° 50 times here in OKC. So, how does 2011 compare to 1980?  You may be shocked to see that in some instances…we’re blowing it away!

June of 1980 wasn’t anything spectacular really. We had a 79° high one day, a few 80s in there, a couple 90s and 5 100° plus days. The first time we hit 100° in 1980 was on June 25th. Our average high temperature that month was 91°. Now, let’s compare that to June of 2011. Every single day was over 90° and we reached 100° about 10 days earlier than 1980. By the time we hit June 25th, 2011..we already had 5 100° plus days. Our average high that month shattered 1980s with a average high of 97.2°.

July of 1980 was where some of the most impressive heat was found. There were 24 days that month with highs over 100° with there being a handful of 105° days. The hottest temperature that month came at the end when we had a high of 108° on the 29th, which is still “cooler” than the 110° high we had earlier this month. That leaves there being a handful of 90° days. Compared to 2011, this year has been in my eyes more impressive with the heat since most days have been over 103°. But, yet there are a few similarities with 2011 having 1 less 90° day so far than what 1980 had up to the very same time.

So, how does this story end? Get ready for a hot hot hot August!  If we expect this year to look similar to 1980, then we could see another 29 100° plus days with the last one rolling in around Labor Day. After Labor Day, we should be seeing the 100s vanish. One can only hope…




2 Responses

  1. Here’s some info compiled by NOAA comparing the top 10 hottest summers in OKC, lots of great stats.


  2. To see the Stats for 2011, copy and paste the address into the address bar.

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