It’s Finally Here!

It’s finally here! What is it? It’s the 2 hottest days of the entire year! I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking, ” Damon, have you not been outside’s been hot.”. Yes, I know that, but I’m talking about it being the 2 hottest days according to what history thinks. I’ll explain…

Our average high recently went to 94° which is the warmest “normal high” that we have all year. Our morning low for averages has been at 71° for a few days now, but during the year, there are 2 days when our average morning low creeps up to 72° while our average high remains put at 94°. Those 2 days just so happen to be today and tomorrow. After tomorrow, our morning low average will return to 71° and will continue to fall all the way until the 2nd week of January when we see our average low at 26°. The average high won’t drop a degree until August 13th when it falls to 93° and continues to fall all the way to 46° during the first week of January. Enjoy !


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