Strong Storms Possible Today

Still hot today but there is a slight chance for storms, and whatever does develop, has the potential to be severe.  The main threat will be damaging winds, which means winds in excess of 60mph.


The heat continues today with highs over 105 in most areas.  Where we see rain, the temp may drop a bit but the heat index will still be over 100 in the afternoon.




6 Responses

  1. This blog should be retired. Once a week posts. No real discussion or commentary. Just a couple of sentences and some screen shots.

    • I have been on Vacation, Sorry.

  2. Are you folks no longer doing the blog? I’ve not seen an update since 8/8/11. Hope that isn’t so – I miss it and learn a great deal about our weather from it.

    • Sorry, I have been on Vacation.

  3. Where is everyone? Last post on the 8th and today is the 17th. I’m deeply disappointed. 😦

    • I have been on Vacation. Sorry!

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