Oklahoma…Then and Now

The end of our “wet” season is just a few weeks ago. And yes, September is traditionally known as a wet month for us. Though, so far, it’s been anything but. Last year though, it was a different case as we received more than enough rain. Last September was a good month for OKlahoma City as we registered over 3 inches of rain within the first 12 days of the month. Op top of all the other rain we had that year, looking down from space, Oklahoma looked lush..it was green. Check it out!

The above picture is a hi-res satellite image of Oklahoma that was taken on September 11th. Now, let’s compare the same area, taken yesterday from the same satellite.

Too much brown. I highlighted a massive burn scar from a fire that occured right outside of Lawton. Sadly, I expect to see more images like this over the coming months. And that is black scars so large from fires, that they can be seen from space.



One Response

  1. Its amazing how we see green all around us, but satellite show all brown. lol

    How much of a zoom can a satellite show us?

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