October and Oklahoma Weather

Welcome to the first full month of fall, and as you would expect, our weather can be “all over the place”. So, what can we expect, and what shouldn’t we expect?

Let’s start with the temperatures. Since this is a transition month, seeing massive temperature swings is common. This is easily seen by looking at our record highs where the hottest temperature ever was 97° while the coldest low was 16°, a flucuation of 81°. Fortunately, OKC has never recorded a 100° day during the month of October, so hitting that mark should not happen this month. What could be possible though is our first freeze. The earliest recorded first freeze within The Metro has occurred as early as October 7th. And snow… it has happened here in OKC as early as October 25th. Though, we have never recorded more than 0.8″.

Rainfall is still somewhat decent for Oklahoma as we average about 3.75″ of rain, making it the 4th wettest month of the year. Not bad and we can only hope and pray that we see that much rain, or maybe even more..a lot more. But, what this does tell us is that the storms could be plenty…I hope. However, with those storms also comes the risk for severe weather. The fall is not a big severe weather season, but it does usually spit out a few stronger storms here and there. It’s not even close to being as dangerous as the spring time here, but to see a storm produce a few tornadoes is common. We average about 2 tornadoes a month in October with 1998 going down in the records as being the most active October with 28 tornadoes.



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  1. I still am laughing about the cricket thing:) LOL

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