An Oklahoma Soaker?

If the GFS Model holds out to be true, then some areas in Oklahoma could see just as much rain in 1 month as they have seen in the last 4 months. Gage, Oklahoma is currently sitting at about 4 inches of rain for the past 4 months. And, by looking at what the GFS moel has been saying for rainfall this weekend, places like Gage and all of Western Oklahoma could see almost that much. It appears likely that we could be watching a wide area of heavy rain move into the region drenching one of the driest parts of the nation this weekend. (Dry relative to what is normal for said location). The slow moving nature of the system will be able to measure rainfall in the inches.

As for Oklahoma City. We’re still watching the system closely. Some of the models weaken the activity as it approaches The Metro before allowing it to flair up again later in the evening. Thus, don’t be surprised if we too see a good inch or two in OKC.

Could flooding be a concern? It’s difficult to say right now. The lakes, rives and creeks are running so low right now (if not dry altogether), that they can handle a good runoff. I can’t rule out that there can’t be some isolated high water spots.



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