Battle Of The Computer Models

As meteorologists, we look at computer models to help guide us in our making of weather forecasts.  Sometimes they are right, and sometimes they’re not.  Many times, the different models have the same general outcome, but the details may be slightly different.  Two of this morning’s U.S. models have different outcomes for this weekend’s rainfall in Oklahoma.  For example, the NAM is keeping all of the rain Saturday and Sunday confined to far western Oklahoma, with little to no rain central and east.  Here is a map of the total rainfall predicted by the NAM from today through Sunday evening:

The GFS on the other hand is showing the heavier rain amounts over not only western Oklahoma, but the central part as well for the same time period:

I would love for the GFS to verify since it would mean more widespread heavy rainfall for a bigger part of the state.  However, the NAM seems to be siding with last evening’s run of the European which kept the heavier rain confined to far western Oklahoma.  The new run of the European will be out shortly.  I’ll have all the details of the weekend forecast coming up tonight on Eyewitness News 5 at 5,6 and 10 pm.  Updates also on Twitter at kocoweather, and we’re also on Facebook as Oklahoma Weather Updates.



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