Ending The Drought

We all know just how awesome it was to see the rain falling for days this past weekend. It was the kind of rain that you could stare at all day. And now that it has ended, the moisture is soaking into the ground and filling the area lakes. This was te type of rain that likely helped the ground more than the lakes. Given the constant rate it fell, the ground was able to absorb a good amount of it. But, one storm won’t cure this drought… and neither will two..or 3! For the year, this is where we stand:

Looking at this deficit doesn’t appear too shabby. Yes, almost 6 inches. But, it’s not about how much rain you get, it’s how often you get it. We went way to long without getting rain. For the month, we’ll likely finish with above normal rainfall. Not bad! But, not even close enough to get us out of the drought.

The above graphic shows how much rain we need to get out of the drought. This map was actually composed by The NWS in Norman which is why Eastern Oklahoma is excluded. (This area belongs to the NWS in Tulsa). SO, according to The Palmer Drought Index, which takes into account the drought, temperatures and evaporation, we still need about a good foot of rain within the next few months to help us out. In other words, we need to finish the year off about 9 inches above normal to see the drought end completely. Sadly, I don’t see that happening.



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