It’s Cold Front Season!

Fall brings an old friend back to Oklahoma–the cold front.  Sure, the cold front in January is not looked upon as a good thing, but the October cold front is kind of like a savior bringing relief from the lingering summer heat.  This past weekend through yesterday, high temps in Oklahoma were in the 80s and well above normal.  Last evening’s cold front brought an end to that heat.  As I type this, temps across the state are mostly in the 50s with a gusty northwest wind.  Here are the highest gusts recorded by the Oklahoma Mesonet since midnight:

The winds will stay frisky the rest of today.  Tomorrow will stilly be quite breezy, but Thursday will be a nice day with light winds.  As those winds decrease, the likelihood of frost increases.  There will be some frost in northern Oklahoma tonight, and across a larger part of the state, including the OKC metro area tomorrow night into Thursday morning.

As I look ahead to next week, the GFS computer model shows another strong cold front arriving next Wednesday or Thursday.  This one may even be colder than yesterday’s.  This is a map of predicted temperatures for a week from Friday:

It shows below freezing temps extending all the way to the Red River.  Again, this is still along way away, but it does show that the trend is for stronger and stronger cold fronts as we go deeper into fall.  That’s what usually happens.  Unfortunately, I don’t see much in the way of rainfall in the coming days.  Here’s the 8-14 day forecast for rainfall for October 25 – 31:

Sadly, all that brown equates to drier than normal conditions.  Speaking of dry, here’s a recap of rainfall in Oklahoma over the last year.  Thanks to the Oklahoma Mesonet for providing these.  This one is actual rainfall over the last 365 days:

And this one is how far above or below normal the rainfall has been for the last 365 days:

Plenty of yellows, oranges and reds mean that everyone is hurting for rain.  The forecast for the coming months will continue the trend of dryer than normal weather, so plan on the drought continuing.



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  1. Its cold!!!

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