From Hot to Cold…

Just a few months ago, we were all sweating to the 100’s, now, we’re about to hit our first freeze. And, it may be earlier than you expect if you’re looking at history’s take on things.

We all know it’s been chilly, and while these temperatures we’re expecting would be deemed “warm” for the winter, for the fall, they are well below average. And while we’re not officially expecting a freeze for OKC, we will be getting close. Just how close? Right now we’re expecting a low of about 34 degrees or so. But, if we do fall 2 degrees, then we’ll be doing something we haven’t done in over a decade!

That’s right! If we hit 32 degrees, this will be the earliest we have hit the freezing mark in OKC in over a decade! Not since the year 2000 have we had a freezing temperature in OKC this early in the season. In 2000, we hit 32 on October 9th, since then every 1st freeze of the fall season has arrived in November except 2008 when we reached it near Halloween. But, don’t let this get you thinking that an early freeze means a cold winter. It has no bearing whatsoever…



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