Not Done Counting…

Who knew!?!? Rain and lots of it for October is making this the 2nd wettest month so far this year. As of this morning, Will Rogers Airport had recorded 4.82″ of rain, and by the end of the day, I expect this number to be in the 5.75″ range. Yes, you may see the grass a tad greener for now, but did you know that the rain we’re seeing now will have HUGE implications come next Spring? How? I am so glad you asked. You see, this past spring, the Oklahoma wildflowers weren’t exactly the best..actually, they hardly bloomed at all. And one of the main reasons is because the rains didn’t come when they were suppose to. In order for a good wildflower season, you need the fall rains to get the seeds to sprout a good root system. So, this rain won’t only benefit us now, but come next spring, if the rain returns around March, then we should see quite a bit of color. Not to bad Oklahoma…


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