From Green to Red and Then…

It’s that time of the year…when the leaves start to show their true colors as the cold air begins to impact the leafs around Oklahoma. So, why do leafs change color? Earth science time! As the Earth travels around the sun, the days begin to get shorter and shorter here in Oklahoma. When the days get shorter, the trees respond by producing less and less chlorophyll, the key element that gives the leafs the green color. As this happens, the green pigment vansishes and what is left is the real color of the leaf.

Sadly, the intense summer heat and drought has left many trees damaged and will play a big role in how the trees look this year. So, appreciate the trees that are showing color and remember, pine trees are meant to be green all year long, I heard an interesting comment this past week about how you could see the trees, including the pines changing color. Evergreens that change color are otherwise known as…dead.



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