Not Ready for The Cold Yet?

So, some of you are not fully ready for winter yet eh? No need to worry, officially winter doesn’t arrive for another 7 weeks or so. Fortunately, the November outlook doesn’t appear all too shabby. While the start of the month may be cold, it apepars that the cold air is going to be fast moving which means within 48-60 hours, the warmth will try to sneak back in. And thus, that may be the trend this month. A couple big fronts followed by big warm ups that will keep our temperatures above normal.

The average high for the month is still in the mid 60s and lows in the 40s. We may be a few degrees above that for most of the month. Unfortunately, rainfall is projected to be below normal. But, remember this is just an outlook that still carries some uncertainity with it. A lot can still change… believe me!



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