The Coldest Night Since….

By now we’re all aware that a cold front came in yesterday. But, if you think it’s cold now, wait until tonight. Because with the winds becoming light, we’re likely going to see temperatures drop even more so than this morning. So, how cold are we talking about here? I ran one of the weather models that we have here, known as Predictor/RPM 12 meter resolution. Here is what it came up with:

I know what you’re thinking, if this were January we’d scoff at these temperatures. But, this is November and the last time we saw temperatures this cold was last winter! That’s right, last winter! Temperatures will fall below 32 degrees at 1am and remain there until 8am. A freeze that will last for 7 hours. We went from March 1st till tonight with temperatures never getting into the 20s. Things are changin… and these fronts will only get colder from here until March.



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