What Were You Doing 100 Years Ago?

OK, chances are many of you weren’t around. But, let’s pretend that we have television then and you’re watching your favorite weather team (KOCO of course). Here is how the weathercast would have gone that week. ‘It’s warm out, but there’s seems to be some cooler air up north..a weather observer just told us that the air got real cold in Colorado.” (Remember, this is before fancy weather models, computers and our only method of communication from afar was via telegraph). The weather map would have looked like this:

By the early afternoon, we expect it to be warm. The actual high that day was 83 degrees. A record for the date and a record that still holds true to this day. But, all of a sudden, the winds kicked up from the north, the dust blows in and temperatures start to drop…and drop….and drop. By midnight… holy cow…

It’s 17 degrees at the Oklahoma City weather observation that night. A record low! That’s right, we went from setting a record high to a record low in just a matter of hours.

Could this “Blue Norther” have been the strongest front to ever roll through Oklahoma? Chances are yes as we have never had a day where both a record high and a record low occured on the same calendar day. The front moved quickly and most likely caught many Oklahomans by surprise. It’s events like this that make me appreciate all the technology invested in the weather today. If you think it’s hard to dress your kids right now for school, imagine how it must have been on November 11, 1911.



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  1. I heard the quick drop in temeratures that day caused glass to break throughout the metro! Amazing!!

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