Snow! Where are you?

I admit, when I heard we were in for another La Nina winter, I got excited and depressed at the same time. Depressed because it usually leads to a dry and warm (and high fire danger) winter for us. (Remember, winter hasn’t officially started yet.). Excited because last year was likely some of the best skiing I have ever had when it came to snow conditions. The powder was deep in Colorado and Wyoming.  I mean, it just kept snowing…and snowing..and snowing.  If you don’t believe me, check this out:

Last year on this date, The Rockies had, according to the legend, around 2-4 feet of snow already on the ground. In all, 40% of America had snow and more was on it’s way. (If you’re lucky, you may find me on youtube foolishly skiing through the snow in Steamboat, and doing things that I shouldn’t be doing on double black diamonds).

So, naturally when I heard we were in for another La Nina winter, I quickly booked an early season trip with the gf to Jackson Hole last week. And while the snow may have been “so-so” for late fall, it certianly has not lived up to my expectations yet.

Right now, only 25% of America has snow on the ground and 1-2 feet of snow seems to be the norm across The Rockies which is “ok”, but not what we would expect for La Nina. And, I know I know, it’s not winter yet and ENSO Conditions are usually most pronounced during the winter season (La Nina/El Nino), but still, I want snow, I need snow.  Where is it? I know where… it’s been falling as liquid across The Southern Plains.

These storm systems that keep bringing us rain have been nice, which is helping us out with the drought. So, the storms have been rolling through, they just keep moving south and bringing rain, not snow.

Either or, the heavy snow should arrive soon to The Rockies and our rain should begin to end, the question is when? Because by looking at the weather models, it may be another rain event for Oklahoma early next week while the rest of American misses out on a chance to put snow on the ground and provide a legitimate White Christmas.



3 Responses

  1. The gfs is hinting at some snow next week!!

  2. Wait until Jan. & Feb.——-trust me, it’s coming.

    • Jim, I def. agree with ya. It’s just that right now across Northern America, we should see a good snow pack on the ground. – Damon

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