Drought Busters!

It’s been a very wet fall for Oklahoma and the last few days of the season will look a lot like the rest of the season, WET! (and in some cases, white!). Either or, we’re putting moisture in the soil, and lots of it! Here is what we can expect for rainfall across the state:

That’s a lot, and I mean, a lot of rain. And better yet is that it’s coming during the 3rd driest month of the entire year. This will no doubt erase the drought that is hitting the soils and likely fill the area lakes. Yes, the lakes are low, but this will help out a lot. As for snow, the snow will likekly remain in NW Oklahoma and The Oklahoma Panhandle. But, with the snow melting, it will provide moisture to the soils in parts of the state that really need it:

If you promised the kids a White Christmas, I can tell you where to go… cheers!



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