Is La Nina Finally Returning?

The word La Nina is not a nice word to say around Oklahoma. I actually consider it a dirty word to say that deserves having your mouth washed out with soap if you cheer it on. But, for some, it’s actually a good thing. So who likes such a word? It’s ski resorts from Colorado to Wyoming and north. That’s because the pattern during a La Nina season favors huge snowstorms. Big snow storms. GINORMOUS SNOWSTORMS. And after being non-existent for just about the entire fall, it appears that La Nina is now starting to set up across North America.



The map above was grabbed from the 06Z GFS Model run for New Years Eve. Yes, it may look complicated to you, but focus on The Northwest and look at all the green and even blue. This is something that has been lacking for most of the fall, and that is a series of storms moving into The Pacific Northwest and bringing snow. Thus, ski resorts, which do have snow, have been having so-so conditions, but not as good as they expected. Well, all that is about to change as places like Wyoming, Idaho and Montana are about to get slammed with feet of snow within the next week.This pattern is very typical of a La Nina season where storms roll in every few days.

Ski resorts will give you 2 thumbs up on a pattern like this (Colorado will get it’s turn too), but here in Oklahoma, we give this an evil stare. The reason is because it takes us back to a dry weather pattern where rain may be hard to come and eventually the fire season will return. So, if you enjoyed the rain for the past few months, signs are you may not see much for the winter.



2 Responses

  1. Does the firs blog (at the top) directly contradict the second blog (from the top) about La Nina returning? One says dry, the other indicates huge storms. I’m confused.

    • Hey Roger, the 1st blog is based on forecasting what is “normal” while the 2nd blog talks about there being more storms rolling in. The 1st blog shows what is normal for the next 2 weeks. Yes, there are more storms rolling in that will drop a lot of snow, but even though there will be storms rolling in..a foot of snow for the 1st week of January is sometimes looked at as “below normal” in The NW. They tend to see more than just a foot of snow. Also, the outlook graphics in the 1st blog are computer generated by models… usually a forecaster will do the outlook , but do to the holidays, there were none. I am sure by tomorrow, the outlook will have a different forecast to it. Weekend “long range outlooks” should seldom be taken too seriously on the whole. – Damon

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